Building a Home for Your Hamster

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility. Your job does not stop after feeding and hydrating them. You should also ensure that they are well and comfortable at all times. This includes building a ground for them to play on, or just giving them their own space which includes their very own home.

For hamsters, although they have needs that are the same of dogs and cats, they also cannot be just freed to roam in the household. Good thing that as small as they are, they do not need much space. If you are resourceful and inventive, you will also discover that you can make a DIY home and playground for your hamster using some of the common materials and tools found in your home. Although we are not going to go in length here in the process, we are going to enlighten you on some of the materials you can use.

1. Plywood

Plywood is the most common choice. Not only does it prove to be durable they are also not hard to find. I bet you have leftover plywood from the last time you made home renovations. This can easily put together with the help of some nails and hammers. You can also use non-toxic, heavy duty glue. If you want to put some additional designs like windows and doors, you can take inspiration from SimulatorPro to check on possibilities.

2. Popsicle sticks

These are common materials too. You can buy them by bunch at your local stores. In building the foundation using these popsicle sticks, it is mandatory that you use some non-toxic very sticky glue on this. You can place them side by side depending on the height and the width of the hamster house you are aiming for. You can build many little house from this that can be stand adjacent to each other. It’s like a little townhouse if you have more than one hamster.

3. Tissue Rolls

Yes, you heard that right. That tissue rolls you think have no use can be utilized to build a little home for your hamster pets. This could also be their playground where the tissue rolls could serve as little tunnels where they can run and hide inside. You can attach this to a tissue box if you want to create a playground with different points of entry. Finish it by covering it with fabric or by painting it for a more colorful effect.

4. Old doll houses

Another option is by using old doll houses. This way, you won’t need to build from scratch anymore. You just need to fix it in a way that would serve the need of your hamster. You could

add wood shavings to make a comfortable place for sleeping, and add other toys that can serve as an obstacle course.

Nothing is impossible if you would just access the artistic streak in you. The good thing about doing this DIY is that you can control how big and wide your hamster house would be. You can also easily include some touches that would make it more personal. Plus, it would be a good bonding experience to you and your hamster.

Tips for taking care of your hamster

It is a well-known fact that hamsters are really wonderful creatures. They are one of the most famous animals to be considered as pets because they are very friendly and they are easy to take good care of. Hamsters do not require too many tools to keep them healthy. All they want is their owners’ attention. Once an owner committed his attention to these cute animals, they will be very happy.

So before you drive your car out of your custom garage door in Wichita to get a pair of these cute little creatures, consider first the following tips so you would know how you can keep them happy and healthy.

  2. Hamsters love to hide. They love to explore rooms and they want a space to sleep in. Hides also help the hamsters to feel they are safe. These hides can offer extra protection from them. These animals are commonly consumed by predators. Hence they are easily stressed by the fact that their instinct is to always protect themselves. Hides would help lessen this stress.

  4. Hamsters tend to hoard their food. This means they grab as much food as they can to ensure that they will be able to stock these foods in times of need. Never forget to give them their favorite treats to keep them healthy. You can give hamster mix to them twice a day or you can also introduce fresh fruits and vegetables in small amounts. A wide variety will be enjoyable for them.

  6. Just like any specie of the animal kingdom, hamsters need plenty of water every day. Because they are very active, they tend to lose the moisture in their body. They have to refill over and over. They also originated in countries with extremely hot temperatures so they need to have water supply regularly.

  8. Hamsters know how to bathe themselves so you don’t need to soak them in a pail of water. They do not like water and it will cause them to stress out and have sickness. If you think that your hamster has a foul odor then it more likely that he or she is coming from a dirty cage. Always clean the cage where you would put your little friend.

  10. Hamsters always like to chew on things. Their teeth have to chew on materials like wood. These chew toys would also help hamsters not to be bored. Hamsters are active pets and they will be happy if they are always busy doing something. Always provide them things to do.

  12. Provide wheels and exercise toys for these cute buddies because they have to move a lot. They have to stretch their muscles and bones top avoid physical complications such as inability to move quickly. If you will not provide your pet a wheel where he can run, then you must let him walk freely outside the cage at least twice a day.

Species and Breeds of Hamsters Commonly Considered As Pets

No one can deny the fact that hamsters are really adorable and they really suite best as pets. With their behavior and appearance, it is very hard to tell yourself not to fall in love with them. Even children at a very young age can actually have a hamster as a pet because these animals are really friendly.

But of course, just as like any other pets, you have to know which species of hamster suites you very well especially if you are a beginner.

So let us take a look at the different species of hamsters available in the market or for adoption:

  1. Syrian Hamsters
  2. They are the largest species in the group. They can grow up to 6-7 inches depending on the wellness of the environment. They are really adorable pets if you want to have one hamster only because they love to be isolated and live alone. They come in different variety of colors and hair. Those with long hairs are called Teddy Bear Hamsters while those with short hair, they are called Golden Hamsters.

  3. Campbell Dwarf Hamsters
  4. They are generally smaller than Syrians. These cute rodents grow up to 3- inches. They are sociable as they can live together. They are typically grayish to brownish in color with a white belly.

  5. Winter White Hamster
  6. They are like Campbell Dwarf but what is more interesting with these cuties is that they have this graying-brownish shade and a line on their back but this line disappear and they are covered in winter white coat during the snow season. This ability is actually their body’s reaction to the environment where they come from. They camouflage themselves as white snow balls to avoid predators during the winter in the wild.

  7. Roborovski
  8. They are considered as the smallest and fastest-moving hamster in the family.  They can grow up to 4 inches long.