About Us

Welcome to aaic2016 where you can get the best tips for hamster care!

Do you want to know how you can make your pet hamster healthy and happy? Well, you are definitely in the right website. This website is dedicated to these cute and adorable creatures that really know how to capture everyone’s heart.

Aaic2016 is a website where you can find all the things you need when taking care of hamsters. You can find different tips and tricks on how to take good care of these cute animals. Because hamsters are so adorable, we want our readers to know the best way to take good care of them, whatever species they may be. Our website would teach our readers to be responsible pet owners and hamster lovers.

The developer of this website started hamster keeping as a hobby when she was in her middle school. Because of her stress from her academics, she decided to adopt a hamster in the hopes that this little cute friend would lessen the pressure her studies. She did not make a mistake as the cute little hamster help her be stable in times that she needs to survive her academic year.

Because of this, the developer fell in love with hamsters and soon dedicated herself in helping people to keep their hamsters properly. That is also that reason why this website ensures that all the things you can see and learn from here are based on further research and personal experience of the keeper.

This website is also open for all hamster keepers who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences in hamster keeping. Aaic2016 wants this online platform to be a community that would help promote safe and healthy hamster keeping. We want to be with you in your journey of taking care of your little buddy.