Species and Breeds of Hamsters Commonly Considered As Pets

No one can deny the fact that hamsters are really adorable and they really suite best as pets. With their behavior and appearance, it is very hard to tell yourself not to fall in love with them. Even children at a very young age can actually have a hamster as a pet because these animals are really friendly.

But of course, just as like any other pets, you have to know which species of hamster suites you very well especially if you are a beginner.

So let us take a look at the different species of hamsters available in the market or for adoption:

  1. Syrian Hamsters
  2. They are the largest species in the group. They can grow up to 6-7 inches depending on the wellness of the environment. They are really adorable pets if you want to have one hamster only because they love to be isolated and live alone. They come in different variety of colors and hair. Those with long hairs are called Teddy Bear Hamsters while those with short hair, they are called Golden Hamsters.

  3. Campbell Dwarf Hamsters
  4. They are generally smaller than Syrians. These cute rodents grow up to 3- inches. They are sociable as they can live together. They are typically grayish to brownish in color with a white belly.

  5. Winter White Hamster
  6. They are like Campbell Dwarf but what is more interesting with these cuties is that they have this graying-brownish shade and a line on their back but this line disappear and they are covered in winter white coat during the snow season. This ability is actually their body’s reaction to the environment where they come from. They camouflage themselves as white snow balls to avoid predators during the winter in the wild.

  7. Roborovski
  8. They are considered as the smallest and fastest-moving hamster in the family.  They can grow up to 4 inches long.